Dreaming of Portuguese is the most important language! (EN)

Ah, my friend, picture this amazing dream: Portuguese becoming the reigning language of the world! Can you imagine? Everyone using Portuguese words in their daily lives, at work, and even during vacations... It would be a true linguistic carnival! Let's embark on this language journey and spread Portuguese like a viral word epidemic!

Instead of saying "hello" to greet someone, imagine us belting out a resounding "olá!" or even a casual "e aí?" Instead of "thank you," we'd unleash a heartfelt "obrigado" or "obrigada," depending on our gender. And when something goes wrong, forget about "oops" or "oh no" – it's time for a dramatic "ai, que desastre!" or an exasperated "meu Deus, não acredito!"

In this Portuguese-dominated world, even our professions would take on a delightful twist. The teacher would be a "professor" or a "professora," the doctor a "médico" or a "médica," and the lawyer a "advogado" or an "advogada." Imagine the confusion when a tourist asks for directions and a street sweeper responds in a perfectly articulated Portuguese, giving them detailed instructions with a charming accent.

And oh, the joy of planning vacations! Instead of browsing travel websites for exotic destinations, we'd dive into the world of "praias" (beaches), "serra" (mountains), and "passeios de barco" (boat rides). We'd discuss our plans with friends, eagerly exclaiming, "Vamos para Portugal, meu chapa!" or "Vou me acabar de comer bacalhau em Lisboa!" (I'm going to indulge in some codfish in Lisbon!)

Even our culinary experiences would be transformed. We'd savor "pastéis de nata" (custard tarts) for breakfast, devour "frango assado" (roasted chicken) for lunch, and feast on "feijoada" (a delicious bean stew) for dinner.

In this Portuguese utopia, our songs would come alive with vibrant lyrics. We'd sing along to the mesmerizing sounds of "samba," "bossa nova," and "fado," moving our bodies to the infectious rhythm of Brazilian beats. Our music would tell stories of love, passion, and saudade, that bittersweet longing that only the Portuguese language can truly capture.

People all around trying to nasalize words, even when they aren't! 

So, my friend, let's unite and virilize this dream of Portuguese dominance! Let's spread the beauty, the charm, and the playfulness of the language to every corner of the globe. Vamos lá! Together, we can create a linguistic revolution, one word at a time. And who knows, maybe one day, this dream will become a reality, and the world will dance to the irresistible beat of Portuguese!